Bang Bang

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With the United States considering placing gun control laws, curiosity on how gun control works in Canada is becoming more popular. Educating yourself on the law that affects Canadian safety, and see if you are qualified to obtain a gun.

Education Evokes

fall leaves

Canada takes pride in their education for children. Why? Because this country knows that the more educated the citizens are, the more economical success that will result from it. For this reason many children start school as early as four years old and continue until they are at least fifteen.

Health Help


The Health Care Act is sometimes complicated to understand; it is made of five key elements being: public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability, and accessibility. Learn about the law before an emergency happens so that you can be prepared for unexpected twists.

Canadian Country

Man and his dog.

Canada's constitution is the supreme law, any law that is made that is in discordance with the constitution is revoked. The constitution, however, doesn't account for everything that will happen in the country. For that reason territories and provinces establish their own laws to govern the people in the country.

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